Our Inspirations:

The Autobiography of Medgar Evers: A Hero’s Life and Legacy Revealed Through His Writings, Letters, and Speeches
Autobiography Link

Daphne Galizia - After months of researching links between international banking, systemic corruption, and organized terrorism, investigative journalist Daphne Galizia was found in pieces after a massive bombing.

Berta Cáceres - March 3, La Esperanza, Berta Cáceres Singled Out Hillary Clinton for creating banana republic, and backing the Honduran Military Coup.

Aaron Swartz - Aaron Swartz (Founder of Reddit and Progressive Change Campaign Committee) was found hung in his own apartment after intense harassment by the FBI; replaced by Elizabeth Warren.
Guerrilla Manifesto

Our contribution to Wikileaks

Robert ( Bobby ) F. Kennedy - Soft-spoken and brilliant humanitarian orator, Bobby F. Kennedy , claimed to have been shot by a lone gunman, disputed by Lawrence Teeter. Bobby believed young people must unite to enact Global change, without regard to borders.

Robert F. Kennedy: Day of Affirmation Address in South Africa (aka 'Ripple of Hope') - FULL


Examples of Our Work